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Groundwork's Lindsay Owens Applauds White House for Tackling Corporate Price Gouging

Yesterday, the Biden Administration announced new guidelines for corporate mergers and took steps to crack down on junk fees and price gouging in the food industry. Lindsay Owens, executive director of Groundwork Collaborative, responded with the statement below:

“For too long, big corporations have hiked up prices to feed their record profit margins while families struggle to put food on the table. We applaud the White House for tackling the root cause of higher prices at the checkout line: corporate price gouging.”

The Groundwork Collaborative is dedicated to advancing a coherent and persuasive progressive economic worldview and narrative capable of delivering meaningful opportunity and prosperity for everyone. Our work is driven by a core guiding principle: We are the economy. Groundwork Collaborative envisions an economic system that produces strong, broadly shared prosperity and power for all people, not just a wealthy few.